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Victoria Station Towers are not just known for its majestic aerial stunt, little did everyone know that both towers were packed full with the best recreational facilities and amenities to ensure that its residents are on top of their best when it comes to comfort and convenience. From the very grounds of this marvelous Twin Towers to the very last unit up in the air, everything is just so perfectly great. 

Victoria Station 1 has been named by a lot of people as the Philippines’ only sports tower because it is the only vertical residential and commercial community where a full size sports complex was built. All of the best sports equipments, world class quality at that, were provided. If you are looking to upgrade for your residence, what else would you look for that is not within our great provision? We bet, none. Common, smash that CHAT BUTTON now and talk to us, we will be right there to assist you. 

Victorias Station 1 has its own two (2) level commercial complex where residents can quickly access for their retail needs. These along with other facilities have a direct link to the MRT Kamuning Station. 

Swimming Pools: Victoria Station 1 has 2 swimming pools, 1 – 25 meter pool and the other is a 50 meter lap pool. There is also one fully furnished area dedicated for Archery lovers. The rest are as follows: Tennis Court, Table Tennis, Squash room, the Golf room, the Bowling room and others. Each of these game rooms are fully equipped with world class facilities generously provided to ensure that each one enjoys life without taking aback the pressures of life. 

The audio-visual room is another best hang out and relaxing place Victoria Station has to offer. Lay your back, relax and watch a movie at Victoria Station at our fully air-conditioned audio-visual room. 

The Basketball court Victoria Station has provided is one of the bests in town. Fully equipped with lights, benches and the rest of the facilities commonly found in any first class basketball courts. You can’t simply miss going home on time to catch your after-office basketball game. Sweat that stress out of your system through our best basketball court facilities. What about the best gymnasium built in town? Fully furnished with the best facilities, residents need not spend time and money somewhere else trying to get fit. Right within the same roof is your perfect gym for your fitness needs. Come home early and don’t miss the opportunity of being counted. 

Children’s park and playground are within the safe grounds of Victoria Station Towers. You’ll never have another headache on a weekend looking for another safe place where to let the children enjoy a healthier weekend because right within the same grounds, a safer place is available for kids to enjoy. This is truly an amazing place to spend time with kids. 

For the older ones’ relaxation our Spa offers countless services to match our clients’ relaxation needs. It is open to serve everyone within the same roof as your residence.  Take a respite from the days office pressures by relaxing at the Spa. For some people who wants to enjoy their morning rituals - brisk walking and a little jogging, well, worry no more because within the safe grounds of the Victoria Station 1 Towers, you spot has been pre-provisioned. Enjoy a limitless jog-around and brisk walking without worrying for your safety because it’s on us. Enjoy a fresh cool air, a smashing beautiful backdrop of our jogging trail with trees and plants around covering the area. One hilarious spot exclusively dedicated for brisk walkers and joggers.

  • 24-hour Security 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Kiddie Pool 
  • Lap Pool 
  • Function Rooms 
  • SOHO (Small Office, Home Office)
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